About Allergy Friendly Mama

Hey y'all, thanks for checking my site out. My real name is Lindsay, but feel free to call me allergy friendly mama! I'm a mom to two wonderful kids, Sam (4 years old) and Emma (2 years old), but I'm a food allergy mom to my daughter, Emma! She is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. If there's one thing I've learned from my daughter's allergies, it's that the food allergy community is the BEST and full of the most caring people in the world. 


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I decided to start talking about what was going on with our food allergy journey on my instagram and the love and support has been INCREDIBLE! Thanks to my instagram friends, I decided to keep going with it and named my page "Allergy Friendly Mama". Through finding out about Emma's allergies, I have discovered that I have a PASSION for cooking and baking and getting creative in the kitchen! All of my recipes that I post on here are dairy, egg and nut free (some gluten and soy free as well!) PLEASE make sure to always check with an allergist if you suspect an allergy. I am not a doctor, just a food allergy mom trying to help others on their journey <3

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Thanks to Allergy Friendly Mama, not only have I become more aware of how to make environments safer for others with food allergies, it’s also been helpful to see all the resources, snacks and recipes we can incorporate into our daily routine as well.
— Marla from / Shetakesstrides /
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My family is AMAZING and inspire me daily! I've been married to my husband, Paul, for over EIGHT years... whaaaat?!? And Sam and Emma are truly best friends. Sam is a very nurturing brother and there's no doubt he will always be there for his sweet sister!