Grocery Shopping Tips!


Awhile ago I shared my favorite shopping tips with my subscribers and today I’m sharing them with everyone because I don’t want ANYONE missing out on great deals. I am mainly going to talk about the best way to look for deals at Sprouts, and special tips I use, but I will also talk about other stores as well! 

If you've been a follower for awhile now, you may remember my post on this from awhile ago. I have a few things I wanted to add so let's get started!

  1. It is IMPERATIVE that you download the Sprouts app! Let's just be honest... whatever grocery store you shop at, make sure and download it :) Sprout's app contains your weekly ad, COUPONS and more. Make sure you have your coupons clipped on your phone before you get to the store and you will just scan your app during checkout.

  2. Always make sure your grocery list is based off of their store sales! This applies to ALL grocery stores. This will help you save money and will allow you to splurge on your special allergy-friendly items (and we all know how expensive that can get!)

  3. Make sure and check for a clearance section! I had NO idea mine even had one until I heard a friend talking about hers. I asked and they took me to a backroom where I have gotten some awesome DEALS there. Especially on my allergy-friendly products!

  4. If you are a Sprouts shopper, they have a special 72 hour sale that usually happens on Friday-Saturday where they price certain products SUPER low. A lot of times it's produce too! Make sure you subscribe with Sprouts so you can make sure you aren't missing any deals!

  5. This one applies for all stores. If you want to see more allergy-friendly products at your local store... TELL THEM. Most of the time when I'm talking with other food-allergy friendly companies, they tell me they would love to be more mainstream, but they need US to inform our local stores that we want their products there. Let's all make sure we do more of that so we can have more wonderful allergy-friendly options out there!

  6. A great way to save some money on things you are ALREADY purchasing is to download the free app: Ibotta. I just found out about this and I’m excited to get started. It’s so easy to use, and you are basically getting money back on things you were already planning to buy! They give you your money back in the form of gift cards (Target, HomeGoods, Starbucks… you know, all my faves) so I’m alllll about that. (Feel free to use my referral code: zyqibr )

Let me know if there are any great tips I missed! I love sharing tips with others on the best ways to grocery shop :)

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