My Thoughts on Hilary's Eat Well Products

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Have you tried any of Hilary's Eat Well products? Did you know ALL of their products are top 8 free and made in a top 8 free facility?! Can I get a hallelujah!!?

I was so excited to do a collaboration with them because I truly love their products and I want to fully support these allergy-friendly companies as much as I can!

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I've had a couple of their products before, but I was excited to try something new from them! I've discovered through eating their foods that just because you have allergies, your food doesn't have to be bland and boring. Their products are always unique and PACKED with flavor. I decided to pick up the adzuki bean burger (have no idea what that even means but it was delish, haha!) and the broccoli casserole bites. In the past I've tried to give my kids the original veggie bites to no avail. I cooked them in the oven, and unfortunately they weren't huge fans.

As a food allergy mom, I'm also looking for quick and safe meals for ME to consume as well. This was the perfect lunch combo. I just pulled them straight out of my freezer, heated both the burger and the casserole bites on my stovetop with a little oil and it came out crispy and delicious. I threw it on top of some spinach and sprinkled my dairy-free dressing over it. I honestly wasn't planning on offering it to the kids because I had remembered they didn't like the previous bites, and I had picked these products out specifically for myself. But guess what?! My two year old (the one with all the food allergies), came running over when she smelled my food and wanted to try it! I was so thankful my meal was safe so I could share it with her. She SCARFED those broccoli casserole bites down which was a TOTAL #win considering the ingredients are so nutritious! 

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Make sure you go check out their products! Let's help support these allergy-friendly companies so they will continue to push out safe and tasty products for our whole family to enjoy !