Food Allergies Stealing Childhood Joy Away

Do you ever feel like food allergies have stolen some of the joy of childhood away? I have. Frustration because I can’t just let me daughter be more “free”. Frustration because I have to always stay on top of every bite of food that goes into my family’s mouth. Frustration because all day, every day, our lives revolve around these allergies.

It breaks my heart, and even though things have gotten A LOT easier, it still sucks. As a Christian, I am constantly being reminded that God does not waste these struggles. We can either push them aside and pretend like they don’t exist OR we can chose to let these hard times grow us in ways we never thought possible through Him.

For me, I’m going to go with the second option. It takes a lot of strength to be able to find positivity out of a bad situation, but I personally believe we only have ONE life to and no matter what life throws at us, I want my family and me to be able to come out stronger than we ever imagined we could be!